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At Dragonfly Home Inspections, we value our agent & home inspector relationships that we create for the benefit of our mutual client.

We Value Our Realtor and Home Inspector Relationship

Dragonfly Home Inspections we value our Realtor and Home Inspector relationships.

At Dragonfly Home Inspections, we’re happy to partner with our local real estate agents in the Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville, Hawkesbury and all surrounding areas. Our team of reliable certified professional inspectors will provide you and your clients with end-to-end service. From initial consultations and scheduling your home inspection, to reviewing the report and answering questions after the inspection, we work with you and your clients hand-in-hand throughout the entire process. As experienced home inspectors, we have the knowledge, training, advanced equipment, and expertise to help advise and educate your clients throughout the process.

We value our realtor and home inspector relationship and strive to make agents jobs a little easier with our direct online scheduling 24/7 to our phones and agents being available 7 days a week. Agents can easily access Dragonflies Repair Request Builder through our report software for quick & easy negotiating which you can send straight to the listing agent. We also offer our partnering agents at no cost to be part of our lifetime RecallCheck newsletter that we send out monthly to your clients who get a Buyer’s Home Inspection. We include your name, picture and brokerage company info so the next time they decide to buy a home or know of someone who is buying you will be the first agent they think of. For more information and/or to sign up for free ongoing marketing click on the RecallTrak button below. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

Our great customer service goes way beyond the inspection with our Dragonfly Advantage Client Protection Plan included FREE with every Buyer’s Home Inspection. Our Client Protection Plan provides Insurance Coverage for unseen things that might arise after the inspection or even just after taking possession of the home providing extra peace of mind. We provide the buyer with lifetime RecallCheck, so if any major home appliance gets recalled they will be notified and repairs are usually 100% free by the manufacturer. We also provide the home buyer with lifetime Home Owners Resource an online portal where the home buyer can get input and suggestions regarding maintenance and repairs.

  • Client Friendly

    We are clear, honest, and keep our findings in perspective to your clients.

  • Tech-Savvy

    We handle online agreements, payments, and scheduling so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Convenient

    We make ourselves available to schedule online, by phone, or email.

  • Communication

    We have your back with email and text reminders and follow-ups to you and your clients.

  • Visual, Concise and Modern Reports

    We produce the best modern report in the industry. It’s clean and easy to read on any mobile device.

We Offer Real Estate Agents

Free Lifetime RecallTrak monthly email marketing who’s buyers use Dragonfly for their Home Inspection. Just need to register by clicking below and we will manage the rest.

  • Visual

    High-quality images in an HTML report so you can see what’s important. Our full, visual report is delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.

  • Informative

    Informational sections so you can learn about the home. We go through the report and findings with you and your client after the inspection.

  • Useful

    Issues are pointed out with who to call for more information.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Our modern reports can be viewed not only on your computer but also on your phone or tablet

  • Agent-Friendly

    Our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for our agent partners. This helps agents quickly grab our language to copy/paste into their document to ask for repairs or concessions.

Modern Home Inspection Reports That Are Helpful

Three different screens displaying the Spectora software

A table of contents that jumps you to any section at any time.


Text summary of defects to easily copy/paste into your Repair Addendum.


Easy filters that only show you major safety hazards or defects.


A simple summary that shows you how many items you need to be aware of.


A PDF version of your report for saving or printing.

Agents – Your Job Just Got Easier

With our modern and sophisticated reports, agents can easily assess our built-in Dragonflies Repair Request Builder where they can quickly select which of our recommendations to include in a custom report (HTML & PDF), make request for repairs or credit amount with custom comments and have it sent directly to the listing agents email. Click below to learn how to access the repair request builder.

Repair Request Builder

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